Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Loves

I love this picture of the boys it captures their personalities...Collie with his crazy sense of style and "lookin for trouble" look. Char just my sweet love holdin on to his lil brother with his heart of gold, and my lil man chase always so happy and full of joy..even if he is being choked...i love these lil guys!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas Photos

Memere and "the boys"

Charlies Favorite gift from Santa...he asked every Santa we saw for a bug science kit... he delivered!

Charlie school program...he was the sheep...sooo sweet!

Collin's school program "our lil angel"

Seeing the Tree filled with gifts!

Christmas Fun!

Merry Christmas 2009!

Merry Christmas 2009!

What a wonderful Christmas! As most of you know we just moved (ahhh!) Seemed like we would not be able to be "settled" in time for Christmas let alone get a tree...but we did it! And we had a blast! The boys were so into the reason for the season this year...praise God! We took them shopping again (at the dollar store) to get each family member a gift and they wrap them themselves in goodie bags...it is Always our first gifts to open and our favorite!!! they get so excited to pass them out and see each person reactions...some examples for this year are...a fly swatter for my mom ...a rat trap for papa...and a baby doll for daddy ("because he loves babies"). You should have seen his face when he opened it and looked at me like I was telling him something..it was so funny! ..I was NOT telling him "something".

Above pictures:

My mom gets the boys matching Christmas PJ's each year!

Our tree...we had to get a real tree because we couldn't find our fake in ALL the moving boxes!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

When did you get so big? Just looking at my boys this weekend and wondering where time has gone....I looked at my char char and and started to think about him starting K!!! His sweet spirit and love of life and being outside he never fails to surprise me with his knowledge and his love for God! And my Collie 3!! can't believe how funny he is..I need to start posting pictures of his daily outfit choices...this would have NEVER worked in B-Ham! Guess he was always a Florida boy because seasons and "matching" make no difference to him! Rain boots and shorts are his favorite...he never fails to make me smile and laugh and want to just pick him up and kiss his face (which he hates). And my sweet "baby chase" what a gift....looking into the blue blue eyes you would never know he is ours..but when you see him WALK..yes I said walk...into the room dancing to his own lil song you KNOW he is! He is such a great lil man with a sweet and silly smile always happy and loves his big brothers! How can he already be one? Thank you God for these boys...I am truly blessed! (can you slow done on the growing though?...please!)
Matt gets a weekly email for dads and was telling me about a email that suggested filling a container (one for each child) with the number of marbles matching the number of weeks until your child is 18 ...this takes some math but i think is worth it....every Monday before work take out one marble and you will be amazed how quickly the marbles disappear...wow visual reminder to spend TIME! We only have them under our roof for so long let's cherish it!
the "dad" email is from www.fathers.com ...Matt loves it if you want to pass it on.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Boo! Happy Halloween 2009 (better late then never)

carnival games!

Boys love inflatables and there were about 30...oh and did I mention it was about 160 degrees outside? this is why we waited to get in our costumes.

The Loot!
This could be very bad...meaghers on sugar!!

Collin the Pirate?(minus the puffy shirt, hook, hat, boots, sword, and all the other things I shopped for that he would NOT put on the night of).

Charlie LOVED his spider costume...Chase wanted his off!

Little puppy Chase

Here comes the cutest boys ever!

Happy Halloween!

Costumes, Candy, and Late night...that sounds like fun! We had a great time with our friends for Halloween this year it all started with a "fair" at a local church then we went trick or treating in a friends neighborhood. The boys really loved the whole door to door experience and kept having me feel how "heavy" their candy bags were getting...ahh!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sorry Friends!

I know...I know ...I am the worst blogger ever but life just seems to get in the way (not to mention that I can not type) but my friend Summer has truly inspired me to try again...she continues to have faith in me (over and over) so here we go again!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Happy Birthday Super Charlie! 5!
Charlie is five! Wow how can it be that our big boy is already 5? Seems like just yesterday we found out we where having out first little boy! What a JOY he has been in our lives! Such a sweet boy with such a loving heart! (and as silly as his mommy and daddy)! Charlie still loves bugs and nature and wants to be a "bug scientist" when he grows up. He wanted a super hero party this year so we rented out the local Gym and asked the guest to dress as their favorite super hero. We even had a wonderful surprise when spider man came to save the day! We Love you Char Char...happy birthday!

We let the kids pick what they want mommy to make for diner on their birthday and they get to eat off the "birthday plate". we asked charlie what he wanted his birthday meal to be and his very quick answer was Steak and Lobster....after we had a good laugh we headed to publix (the rest of the family ate chicken)!